Intelligent House

Research, design & development of amazing household appliances based on the newest technologies and IoT solutions


Web-education; development & implementation of web-based education platforms; partnership and cooperation in development and exchange of social innovations and good practices

Intelligent House

Intelligent House


We research, design, develop and prototype smart and innovative
household appliances.

To achieve the best user experience and customer
satisfaction, we use the latest transmission protocols such as 3G,
4G, BLE, WIFI, NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa etc.

Our State-of-the-Art products are technically engineered
to lead to greater efficiency. Equipped with sensors, connected to
the local Wi-Fi and furthermore to the cloud, they can easily be
accessed and controlled via a dedicated app.

Home automation is entering our lives.
With our IoT concepts we are proud to contribute and be part of
that trend.




We provide web-education for adults in the area of parenting,
entrepreneurship and self-care.

Our e-courses and educational articles offer the unique
opportunity of combining the comfort of learning at home with
advanced knowledge and expertise.

We research, develop and implement
various web-based education platforms. Experts in different
areas can use the software tools to create their own video courses and share their knowledge and experience within the
Customers on the other hand can choose their interests to follow
and benefit from the variety of courses.

We strategically partner and cooperate in the development and
exchange of social innovations and good practices.


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